Criss 99 (1985)

Swedish rock band, formed in Stockholm 1983 by;
Richard Evenlind (lead vocals/guitar), Per Adebratt (keyboards/guitar), Lennart "Löken" Wizén (bass) and Gunnar Lundström (drums).

Criss 99 (1987)

In the autumn of 1984 Criss 99 got contracted by Sonet and their first single "Running" was soon released. A song that, in an elegant way, brought out the very best from the band members influences and at the same time made it all unique. Young energy rock. With a personality that was growing stronger with every new composition.

Press release

Later on, the band performed in the popular documentary film
"Stockholmsnatt", where they reached even more fans.

Their LP + the single "New Commanders" had to be re-released.

Richard Evenlind

Obviously the band had a fantastic live nerve and their gigs were highly appreciated.
But all stories must come to an end - Criss 99 disbanded while still on top!

Between 1989-92 Richard "Ricco" Evenlind recorded a few solo singles.


Among them "Can't Say Goodbye",
a beloved title melody for the movie
"Ha Ett Underbart Liv".

During the years Richard has worked as a producer, composer, studio- & live musician.
In '95 he was touring together with NoIcE (as guitarist) on their successful revival tour.

...and was actually doing the same thing in 2004,
a tour and album together with the "new" NoIcE:
Marcus Öhrn, Peo Thyrén & Fredrik von Gerber.

NoIcE 2004

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