Gyllene Tider 1979

One of Sweden's major popgroups in the early 80's.
Formed in Halmstad 1978 by; Per Gessle (vocals/guitar), Mats "MP" Persson (guitar), Janne Carlsson (bass) & Mickael "Syd" Andersson (drums).
In 1979 Carlsson was replaced by Anders Herrlin (bass).
Göran Fritzson (Farfisa organ) joined the band as well.

Gyllene Tider 1981

They disbanded in 1985.
-Or maybe G.T. is just sleeping 
every now and then?

Gyllene Tider 1983

In 1995 they released some brand new songs and performed in Halmstad in front of thousands of fans.

  The following summer, "Återtåget" was successfully touring around Sweden.
G.T. performed a gigantic arena tour in Sweden during the summer of 2004.