Swedish punk-rock group from Gustavsberg.
Formed in 1977 by the teenagers;
Hasse Carlsson (vocals/guitar), Peo Thyrén (bass),
Freddie Hansson (keyboards) and Robert Klasén (drums).

NoIcE got their key to success by winning the rockband competition "ROCK 79". They were contracted by the recordcompany Sonet and the music publisher/producer Ola Håkansson. He believed in their talent and helped them releasing their first single. Shortly after came their debutalbum "Tonårsdrömmar". A legendary album that could be found on every Swedish teenager's turntable in the early 80's -and ever since.
In 1980 they got their real break-through after a TV performance
in "Måndagsbörsen" with the song "En Kväll i T-Banan".
End of 1980, Klasén left the band and was replaced by Fredrik von Gerber (drums) .

New recordings, tours and screaming fans all around -so was the World ready for NoIcE?
The single "Everything's Alright / One Night In The Subway"  was released in Germany, but the international success would never really occur... in spite of several european performances.
The Swedish fans were true to them, though. In December 1981 NoIcE had some gigs at the rockclub Ritz, from which a live album and a documentary (VHS) were produced.
The following year, Niklas Östergren replaced Carlsson as the lead singer of the group.
NoIcE disbanded in 1982.


Hasse Carlsson

At this point of time Hasse Carlsson decided to try a solo career instead.
Two albums were released but they reached far from NoIcE's popularity.
Hasse & Freddie had great plans for a collaboration,
which resulted in just one single.
A presentation of all  "Hasse C."  records is included in this discography!
Thyrén & Gerber continued with music as well.
Two successful bands to mention in this context are
"Easy Action" & "Sha-Boom", but that's another story.....


Hasse C. solo

Some of the members performed reunion tours in 1991 and 1995.
After the long & intensive summer tour  1995,
NoIcE released the brand new album "Vild Vild Värld",
containing 10 new written songs and 10 new recordings of old hits.
New musicians on the tour/album; Richard Evenlind (guitar) & Frank Rönningen (keyboards).
Their last gig would be in March 1996.




Freddie annons


On the 29th of December 2001,
Freddie Hansson sadly passed away after a short-time disease.
On the 4th of September 2002,
Hasse Carlsson went the same way as Freddie
and tragically left us, after a longer time disease.

Hasse annons

2004 has become a new important year in the NoIcE history!

The singer/artist Marcus 

Marcus Öhrn

Öhrn has joined the band.

The "new" NoIcE released a full-length album and gave us many splendid gigs during the spring and summer of 2004.

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