Per Allan Magnus Claesson Uggla was born in Stockholm on the 18th of June 1954.
He debuted in 1975 on CBS Records with "Om Bobbo Viking".
In 1979 he took part in the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest and got the last place with the song 
"Johnny The Rucker" , which soon was released together with 3 other schlagers on a 12" -single.
Between 79-81 he tried the international market with a couple of singles, but without success.
Magnus Uggla's most successful tour was in 1986 when he in several places took attendence records.
ZTV arranged and recorded a special gig  in 1997. Invited were only VIP:s and the Fanclub. (ticket)

Beside all recordings and touring, there have also been a few
film-, revue- and opera performances.


...and finally we have made a decision
- this discography will only include Magnus Uggla releases between the years 1975-2006.
Thank you for the music and good luck in the future!